It Has Been A Long Month

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Diana Osmanova

Diana is a student Political Science at West Ukrainian University National

The first wave of shock and fear that hit us has quickly changed to rage. Binary thinking is the most prominent right now - it’s all just one side or the other.

I find myself dissociating while reading the news or the stories of people from Mariupol or Kharkiv who managed to escape the horrors. It feels surreal and unfathomable as if this never could’ve happened in Ukraine, in the middle of Europe, in the 21st century.

I feel its realness when hearing sirens (it’s been a couple of missile attacks in my region this week), hearing the planes above my roof, and seeing hundreds of cars with refugees going by my village.

War also gave us something beautiful, indeed. The unity and togetherness are tangible. We all breathe for the same purpose. This feeling existed in 2013 and 2014 during the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv, but it’s all over Ukraine now. And we feel the support of the world with it

It’s not only a war of territory, economy, and membership in NATO or EU. It’s also a cultural, national and ideological battle in which every one of us is taking part.

We speak our distinctive language. We refuse Russian information space and content. We represent an image of Ukraine in other countries. Russian propaganda and occupation desperately tried to erase our identity for ages, but they never could. And never will.

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