London turns into fortified castle as five hundred leaders and dignitaries are expected to attend Queen's funeral

9/18/2022 9:53:25 PM
 Well-wishers gather along a fence barricade to watch the Queen Elizabeth II funeral ceremonies in London, England, Saturday, September 17, 2022.
 photo: AP/ Bernat Armangue
Snipers will be stationed on rooftops in London, while drones will hover overhead. Turning London into a fortified castle in preparation for the farewell ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II.

Tomorrow, Monday will constitute a unique security challenge for the British capital, represented by the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. For that occasion, British authorities have mounted the largest security operation in the history of the Kingdom since World War II.

A police official declined to detail how the leaders would travel to Westminster Abbey on Monday, citing security reasons. In a Friday media briefing, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy added that London's Metropolitan Police is engaged in its largest policing operation, NBC News reported. 

The United Kingdom will witness a state funeral, the first since World War II, specifically since the funeral of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1965.

According to the "Washington Post" newspaper, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was consulted about all arrangements, except for the security aspect, before her death.

British security expects the country to witness the largest operation to control security and protection in the history of the Kingdom in six decades, with official expectations for the attendance of hundreds of guests from more than two hundred countries, not to mention millions of people waiting to be crowded in the streets of London.

In the face of these expectations and their sensitivity, the police are trying to balance safety, security and ceremonies for the success of the funeral activities.

Tomorrow, Monday, snipers will be stationed on rooftops in London, while drones will hover over the area, and ten thousand police officers in uniform, as well as thousands of officers in civilian clothes, will participate among the crowds, according to Fortune.

A few days ago, the police searched the main areas through their patrols and trained dogs after calling in all its members for help.

It is also noted that police personnel came from every corner of the country to help. From the Welsh Cavalry to the Royal Air Force, more than 2,500 regular military personnel will be on standby at any moment.

Officials from Britain's domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, MI5 and MI6, also review terrorist threats as part of the massive security team working at the funeral.


The participation of presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens in the funeral increases the risks, which calls for significantly tightening security.

About two dozen kings, queens, princes and princesses have been confirmed, from places including Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. King Tubu of Tonga, King Jigme of Bhutan, Yang di-Pertuan, King of Malaysia, Sultan of Brunei and Sultan of Oman will also attend.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will also attend. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also participate in the service. 

Former British Prime Minister and current Prime Minister Liz Truss will also attend the funeral.



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