Iraq supreme court delays session on KRG’s budget share

10/5/2022 1:05:05 PM
 Supreme court of Iraq
The court session is to judge the Kurdistan region’s share of the total Iraqi Budget set at 200 billion dinars per month.

The Iraqi Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing of a complaint filed against the remittance of 200 billion dinars to the Kurdistan region until November 25, citing the absence of a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance.

In May, an Iraqi Council of Representatives member filed a complaint against the Ministry of Finance for sending 200 billion dinars to the Kurdistan Region.

In 2013, a dispute emerged between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad that culminated in Baghdad’s withholding of the region’s budget share, equal to an effective financial blockade on the Kurdistan region. 

Numerous KRG delegations have been to Baghdad to restore the KRG’s share of the Budget that former prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki’swas terminated during his premiership in 2014. 

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