PUK, KDP election officials meet in Erbil

5/18/2023 6:32:32 PM
The election agency of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and election bureau of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are expected to meet tomorrow Friday to discuss elections.

Latif Nerwayi, a member of the leadership and head of the coordination and monitoring board of the PUK election agency, told KurdsatNews that the PUK and KDP will meet in Erbil tomorrow to discuss the amendments to the electoral law.

He added that the PUK hopes that the meetings will end with positive results and the Kurdistan region will move towards a clean and democratic election.

Luqman Wardi, deputy chairman of the PUK faction in the Kurdistan Parliament, told KurdsatNews that the meeting will be held in the Kurdistan Parliament building.

The parliament speaker, Rewaz Fayaq and some other parliament officials are expected to attend the meeting.

The meeting comes at a time when the PUK and KDP have previously met on the amendment of the electoral law, the final seats and the reactivation of the election commission, but they have not reached a final agreement.

On November 16, the political bureaus of PUK and KDP met in Sulaimani and stressed the need to urgently take legal and political steps to hold parliamentary elections on schedule this year.

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