Sulaimani security forces arrest ISIS terrorist leader

9/21/2022 2:15:18 PM
 Sulaimani Security forces' operation team during an operation.
 photo: KurdSat English
The terrorist had moved to the Kurdistan region from Turkey in 2020.

Sulaimani's Western Security Directorate or Asaysh said in a statement that, "based on the prior intelligence, and after receiving the approval of the judge of the investigation court, our forces conducted an operation to arrest the terrorist (H, J, M) who is the father of the terrorist (A, H, J). Even though, Asaysh only disclosed terrorists' initials.  

The terrorist was seen with the most wanted terrorist Mullah Shuan and sent a vehicle laden with explosives to explode the positions of the Peshmerga forces during the war against ISIS. The terrorist appears in a social media video with one of the most popular and wanted ISIS terrorist operatives, telling their audience that "God willing," they would kill the Peshmergas.

Sulaimani Security forces arrested the terrorist in a special operation in the town of Gopala in Sulaimani on September 14, 2022. 

According to the statement, the terrorist (H, J, M) is originally from the province of Salah al-Din's Shargata district. In 2005 he joined al-Qaeda terrorist group and worked to hide and prepare ammunition to blow up coalition forces.

In 2014, ISIS occupied the Shargat district, he and his three sons, named only by their initials (1-A.H, 2-B. H 3-M.H), joined ISIS and became ISIS fighters. When ISIS was eliminated in Salah al-Din, they moved to Mosul, ISIS provincial capital in Iraq.

Sulaimani's Western Security Directorate published a detailed biography of the terrorist. After the fall of ISIS in Mosul, he moved to Syria and settled in Dir al-Zour, another ISIS stronghold which until now ISIS maintained a significant presence in the city. He then went to Turkey and returned to Iraq in 2020. Finally, he moved to the Kurdistan Region and hid in Sulaimani province until his arrest, according to Sulaimani's Asaysh.

The Western Sulaimani Security Directorate also revealed the fate of the three sons of the captured terrorist H. J. M.

His first son, terrorist A. H, also known as (Abood) blew himself up in a terrorist act. Terrorist B. H, was killed in Mosul. One of his sons still lives in Turkey, Asaysh said in the statement.

The investigation court of Sulaimani has detained him according to article 2 of the Terrorism Act, the investigation continues.

The security forces have arrested several ISIS terrorists in Sulaimani and Halabja governorates and have foiled a few terrorist acts in the Kurdistan region. 


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