PUK gives more attention to Kurdistan region's isolated territories

9/22/2022 3:08:37 PM
 PUK cross-party meeting on the isolated territories of the Kurdistan region in Sulaimani on September 22, 2022.
 photo: KurdSat English
The meeting included all government, party and federal authorities concerned with the fate of the disputed territories between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad.

In a meeting held today, Thursday, at PUK political bureau in Sulaimani, coordination between the Kurdistan region, PUK and Federal officials on the disputed territory affairs was considered necessary. 

Executive of the PUK Political Bureau Aso Mamand chaired the meeting and was also attended by the director of the General Board for Kurdistani Areas Outside the Region; the heads of PUK regional headquarters in Kirkuk, Sinjar, Duzkhurmatu, Makhmur and Khanaqin discussed unifying PUK’s and Kurdish parties’ positions toward the isolated territories to defend the wishes and demands of its people, and improve living standards in the region.

Aso Mamand explained PUK’s firm position in helping the people of the isolated territories and said that the PUK considers the people and their territory part of the party’s long-term strategy and in the light of President Mam Jalal’s policies for coexistence and service to the Kurdish people. 

“The PUK shall consider a comprehensive Kurdish policy on all isolated areas, and together, we need to defend it and make it an integral part of all Kurdish parties’ policies, especially the PUK, which represents the people of the region in the Iraqi council of representatives, Mamand declared in the meeting. 

The participants also discussed drafting a necessary project for the isolated areas and instructed the PUK Media Bureau and PUK media outlets to pay more media coverage to the areas.

Article 104 of the 2005 Iraqi constitution stipulates isolated Kurdistan region territories, and states that the region must hold a referendum and decide whether it wants to be with the Kurdistan regional government of the Iraqi central government. 

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