Drone destroys vehicle in Sulaimani’s Sharbazher district, killing one

10/4/2022 5:04:24 PM
 KurdSat English
 photo: KurdSat English
A drone hit a vehicle near the Zalan region of Sharbazher district, and two peOple were injured.

Sharbazher district mayor Shaho Osman told Kurdsat English that a drone bombed a car on the Sheikhal Maren bridge near the Zalan area in Sharbazher district.

Following a strike on the vehicle, one of the passengers left the car and hid. Villager could not save the other injured passenger, fearing another strike as a drone hovered over the vehicle, KurdSat English report explained. A group of Iraqi border guards were searching for the drone in the sky using binoculars. 

After half an hour, medical teams arrived and took care of the injured, KurdSat English reporter added. 
KurdSat English learned that two people were in the vehicle, one was injured, and local authorities dispatched a medical team to the attacked site.

Image of the destroyed vehicle. A hole on the car's roof is a possible point of entry for the missile targeted at the vehicle.

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