SDF top commander calls on international community for help

11/9/2022 2:10:11 PM
 Mazloum Kobane/Mazloum Abi, General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Rojava.
 photo: KurdSat English
Turkey’s continuous pressure on Kurdish-ruled northwest Syria or Rojava has left the region in shatter.

In a tweet written in Arabic, Syrian Democratic Forces General Commander Mazloum Abdi, popularly known as Mazloum Kobane said, "Political instability, economic crisis and Turkey's continuous attacks are victimizing the population and refugees in Rojava every day and called on the international community to take responsibility and help them improve the lives of the people in Rojava."

"It is a tragedy and the self-governing administration calls for more efforts for a better future for the people of the region," Abdi said. Although, the US and other western nations back the SDF, they are unable to withstand Turkish pressure and their only hopes lies with normalizing ties with the Syrian regime.

He said they are doing everything possible to prevent such incidents from happening again and to investigate human trafficking networks.

Kobane called on the trapped Syrians [waiting for asylum in Europe] to return and promised to provide all facilities and assistance to guarantee their return.

Turkey had conducted many military operations in Rojava and has invaded large swathes of territory. In 2018, Turkish military and Turkish-backed Syrian extremist groups the Kurdish city of Afrin. Soon, Ankara began changing its demography by replacing Kurds with Arabs and other minorities.



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