Centuries old bridge still connects people in Kurdistan region

1/30/2023 2:15:44 PM
 The Delal Bridge
Zakho residents used "Delal," the word for beauty, to name the ancient bridge that sits on top of a river in the Kurdistan region.

The Delal Bridge, also known as the Stone Bridge or the Grand Bridge, is a landmark in the area and often a meeting point during social gatherings.

"If we need to meet with someone, we we would probably come and meet here most of the time," says Kovan Hussein, a resident of Zakho.

The historic bridge has five different sized arches and a wide curvy road paved with stones.

"It was probably built at the time when two empires were present in the area, they Byzantines and Sassanides," says Mohammed Ahmad, the director of the archaeology department in Zakho.

It was a border line between the two rival empires at the time and was used as a military road for their armies, Ahmad says.

Archaeologists say the bridge also served as a connection between Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

Many centuries later, the ancient structure still connects people in the area as Zakho residents meet with friends at the site and go for strolls along the bridge.

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