Syrians displaced by quake take shelter in Afrin

2/13/2023 11:21:37 AM
 Volunteers set up tents for Families who lost their homes in a devastating earthquake to provide them shelter and food near destroyed buildings in the town of Harem, Idlib province, Syria, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023.
Scores of tents were erected in makeshift camps across Rojava after two powerful earthquakes that hit the region this week rendered millions of people homeless.

The powerful 7.8 magnitude temblor that struck before dawn on Monday wreaked new damage and suffering in northern Syria after years of fighting and bombardment.

Many residents affected by the earthquake survived years of intense bombing and shelling that may have weakened the foundations of their homes, leaving them more vulnerable.

In Afrin, dozens of families crammed together in tents which were pitched at a makeshift camp inside a local school. Hospitals and clinics were flooded with injured people.

Jamila Haseeb Abdulrahim, 60, was displaced from the city Aleppo during the years of the Syrian war. Now, she’s displaced for a second time after the quake damaged her home and left members of her family dead.

Another displaced Syrian, Issam Qanbar, now lives with his wife and two children in a tent at the school’s makeshift camp after the family’s home collapsed.

“We sat in open air under olive trees on the first night and later they opened schools for us", Qanbar said.

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