Suspension on Turkey’s flights to Sulaimani extended till June 3

4/5/2023 5:08:40 PM
A spokesperson for Turkey's foreign ministry on Wednesday said that his country’s recent decision to close its airspace to flights to and from Sulaimani International Airport will remain in place until June 3.

The suspension of the flights by Turkish Airlines is in protest to PKK activities in the region, Tanju Bilgiu Turkey's foreign ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

It also noted that the measure is expected to remain in place until July 3 and will be reviewed in light of closely monitored developments.

Speaking to Anadolu agency, Turkey's presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said there may be additional steps regarding this.

This is the second time that Turkish Airlines has suspended flights to and from Sulaimani airport, in 2017, Turkish Airlines suspended flights to Sulaimani Airport for a long time due to the Kurdistan Region's independence referendum.


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