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Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation

Kurdsat broadcasting corporation is one of the major Kurdish media corporations in the region which consists of two television channels, two radio stations, several websites and digital platforms.

Kurdsat broadcasting corporation based in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region, Iraq; belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK); founded in 2000 by Hero Ibrahim Ahmed the former first lady of Iraq. Kurdsat began its journey on the 1st of January 2000 with one channel which broadcasted for only three hours. However, today, it continues to be the number one family-oriented channel and remained the most watched, credible and respected media in the region.

Kurdsat has the largest building in the region which contains of several studios, and vast of set area to produce the most compelling premium content for television. Since 2002, Kurdsat produced up to 34 Tv series. However, it has also dubbed more than 60 international tv series; and adapted several global formats such as Kurd Idol which considered the highest rated shows and massive media attention around the country.

Kurdsat has expanded its brand portfolio to seize opportunities beyond ‘media coverage’, it has organized and participated in many fundraising campaigns and thousands of charity events for those who are most desperate in society, raising millions of dollars for refugees and victims of natural and manmade disasters. Kurdsat is currently operates under supervisor of CEO Zagros Abdullatif Rashid.

Kurdsat Channel
Kurdsat channel is one of the most influential Television stations in the region, with a reputation as a responsible, family orientated station. It has been rated as the most trusted television channel across all forms of media institutions in Kurdistan region.

Kurdsat News
Kurdsat News Channel launched in 2014 dedicated solely to the dissemination news and current affair with the aim of cultivating and upholding the highest ideals in reporting the news with objectivity and fairness, as well as satisfying the right of the individual to be informed.

Voice of Kurdsat Radio Stations
Established in 2012/01/01. One in Kurdish and the other in English language, mainly concerned with music and cultural issues; with brief bulletins every hour. These two-radio become the main radio stations in Kurdistan region, as they cover wide areas in Kurdistan region.

Kurdbin Platform (The largest Kurdish TV-content library)
Founded in 2014, Kurdbin, considered the first Kurdish streaming platform which provide TV content for free. Unlike other od platforms Kurdbin doesn’t follow any delivery mechanisms (AVOD, TVOD, or SVOD) and the content is 100% free.

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