Qubad Talabani announces Single-Window project in Sulaimani

3/12/2023 3:08:54 PM
Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani on Saturday announced implementing the Single-Window project for Sulaimani province, to reduce routine and tackle corruption at the governmental institutions.

Talabani stated that the project is part of the efforts to virtualize the institutions and provide better services. Initially it will be operated at five governmental institutions.

After the implementation of the Single-Window project, citizens can fulfil their transactions in the easiest way and with the least routine, and it prevents corruption.

“I am pleased to launch this important project that is part of our duty to better serve citizens,” Talabani said during a visit to the building of Sulaimani province.

In the future, other offices in the provinces and autonomous administrations must implement the same project, he added.

“Through this system, the employee submits the transaction from a single window and receives the results, the employee executes the whole transaction and does not need the employee to go to several rooms, reducing routine and preventing corruption,” Talabani said.

Places that are operating with a Single-Window system from today will include; Sulaimani Province, Income Tax Directorate, Social Security Directorate, Missing Persons Police Directorate, Corporate Tax Directorate.


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