Kirkuk Kurds respond to Arab, Turkmen accusations leveled against Kurds

5/25/2023 2:52:24 AM
 A busy street in Kirkuk down town, Kurdistan region.
 photo: KurdSat English
Kurdish parties in Kirkuk have rejected the statements of several Arab and Turkmen parties about the existence of injustice in the positions of Kirkuk’s Electoral Commission. These parties do not represent Arab and Turkmen populations of Kirkuk, the Kurdish parties said.

There is no injustice in the composition of the Kirkuk branch of the Election Commission, said Biryar Shuani, a representative of the Kurdish parties in a press conference. However, there is a lot of injustice against the Kurds in government offices and the Northern Oil Company, and only 22 out of 109 directors are Kurds. There are no Kurds on the 12 boards of directors of the Northern Oil Company.

He said that in all elections, the Kurds had 55% of the votes in Kirkuk and Kurds should have held the majority of the posts, but for six years, the governor of Kirkuk, which is the legitimate right of the Kurds, is taken by an Arab.

The representative of the Kurdish parties in Kirkuk called on the branches of the federal government to redistribute the administrative posts according to elections results.


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