KRG closes Rojava’s only exit to world, leaving six million hungry

5/31/2023 5:30:47 PM
 Semalka border crossing between the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Rojava in Syria.
 photo: KurdSat English
The KRG has not provided any reason for closing the border crossing.

Three weeks have passed since the closure of the Semalka border crossing, the only economic and trade gateway in Rojava with the outside world, leaving six million people in a dire situation, according to western observers.

News agencies in Rojava report that prices of daily necessities have risen significantly due to the closure of the Semalka gate.

Construction materials and food have seen the biggest increase, double the price they were before the closure of the border.

Experts in the Europe say the continued closure of the border for those with limited incomes or live on daily wages is disastrous.

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