Least projects implemented in Halabja by the current KRG government

7/11/2023 4:47:14 AM
Most of the funds of the province were used to complete projects that have been under construction since 2010.

Halabja Deputy Governor Kawa Ali said that 12 trillion dinars worth of projects have been implemented in Halabja in the four years of the ninth cabinet, that is the current government.

The minimum legal share of Halabja province is 252 billion dinars of implemented projects, but in fact the implemented projects that have been actually spent by the ninth cabinet in Halabja province does not reach 10 billion dinars, the deputy said.

He added that if the 2.1% of the 12 trillion was actually spent on the province, the rest were spent on all projects that were stopped in 2010.

The deputy governor stressed that the truth is that the numbers should reach the citizens correctly, not exaggerating the numbers.


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