Ann Clwyd was courageous, principled political campaigner, says Jalal Talabani Foundation President

7/24/2023 4:47:32 PM
 photo: KurdSat
Ann Clwyd was known as a support of the Kurdish cause.

Today, President of Jalal Talabani Foundation Mohammad Sabir send his condolence for the passing of UK politician Ann Clwyd, and said “it is with huge sadness that I write to you to express my sincere condolences on behalf of President Jalal Talabani Foundation for the passing away of Ann Clwyd, former Labor Party MP, Ms. Ann was a courageous, fearless, principled political campaigner, she was the best friend of the Kurdish People who advocated most of her life standing up against the brutal repression of the Kurdish people in Iraq during the tough times, she supported and campaigned the removal of Saddam Hussein.”

“Her work over so many years for women's rights, international justice and peace will be remembered.” Ambassador Sabir added.

The ambassador mentioned that her passing, the Kurds have lost a sincere and important friend and her efforts to the Kurdish people will be remembered.

Clwyd passed away on July 22 at the age of 86. She was one of the few UK MPs that helped to introduce the Kurdish cause to the UK and the rest of the world and fought to protect their rights.


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