Kurdistan region exports 5,000 tons of potatoes to UAE

8/7/2023 1:50:21 PM
On Monday August 7, a total of 120 tons of potatoes, which has been produced in the Kurdistan region, exported to the UAE in five containers.

The potatoes were shipped through two local companies and an UAE company and another 500 tons are expected to be shipped next week.

On Monday August 7, in an event attended by investors and traders of potatoes in the Kurdistan Region and the UAE, the contract for the export of 5,000 tons of industrial potatoes was signed in Erbil.

The 120 tons of potatoes exported today will first arrive in the UAE and then be shipped to other Gulf countries.

30 varieties of potatoes are produced in the Kurdistan Region. The potatoes exported to the UAE are industrial potatoes.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, this year's potato production in the Kurdistan Region is 650,000 tons, which saw an increase of more than 200,000 tons compared to the previous four years, while the annual need for potatoes is less than 130 tons.


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