Germany warns of another war in Europe

10/9/2022 5:08:25 PM
 The German Reichstag in Berlin.
Tensions between Russia and Europe escalate as Russia is losing, and a threat of nuclear war is looming, and against this backdrop, German officials call for strengthening the protection of the country's infrastructure.

A German army commander warned that another war in Europe was possible. "We are preparing to face hybrid threats to our infrastructure," General Castrin Borer said in an interview with the German newspaper "Bild” today. NATO has also stressed the need to protect critical infrastructure after what it called acts of gas pipeline sabotage during the Russia-Ukraine war.

The head of the German Parliament's European Affairs Committee noted in an interview with the Funke media group that "perhaps in both cases it is a warning because we support Ukraine." He called for 20 billion euros to better protect critical infrastructure, strengthen police capabilities.

These statements came after a "sabotage" operation yesterday affecting wireless connection cables in two locations in Germany. The apparent cyberattack brought train travel to a standstill throughout northern Germany and the capital Berlin, before it was fixed a few hours later.

Since the launch of the Russian military operation on the territory of its western neighbor on February 24, tension has risen between Moscow and the West, especially the European countries that have delivered Ukraine billions worth of weaponry and ammunition.

Western intelligence warned of a "subversive" war of another kind, whether through electronic attacks or hacking and attacks on critical European facilities.



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