Landmine injuries two mountaineers in Bekhal

1/14/2023 2:51:23 AM
 One of the injured in the Bekhal landmine incident rushed to hospital in the Kurdistan region on January 13, 2023.
 photo: KurdSat English
They left the mountaineering group and went to unnavigated ways.

Soran District Department of Civil Defense said today that two people were injured in a landmine explosion in Gornok (Bekhal) mountain in the district.

The two citizens were hospitalized Rawanduz, and one of them lost his leg and was seriously injured, and was transferred to Ashti Hospital in Soran, the department added.

Soran Civil Department revealed the identities of the victims. One of the injured is a 25-year-old from Rawanduz with a head injury and is in stable condition, the other is Rawanduz-based, 32-year-old and is married, the department explained.

According to Soran Civil Defense Department the injured mountaineers did not follow the group of mountaineers whom they initially joined and went on a wrong way that was placed with landmines.

Landmine incidents often claim lives in the Kurdistan region, as landmines were places on many region on the Kurdistan region-Iran border during the Iran-Iraq war.


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