France: more women, children returned from ISIS camps in Syria

1/24/2023 12:22:46 PM
France on Tuesday repatriated another group of women and children from camps under control of the Syrian Kurdish forces, the latest return of French nationals who’d been stranded in camps in northeastern Syria (Rojava).

The latest group was made up of 32 minors and 15 adult women, the national counterterrorism prosecutor’s office said. It said the women, aged 19 to 56, were held in custody — some on the basis of arrest warrants previously issued against them. The children were placed in the care of protective services.

France has brought home women and children from camps in northeastern Syria in successive waves since the territorial defeat of ISIS in 2019.

Many European countries were slow to allow the return of women and children from areas where ISIS operated for fear they would violently turn on their homelands.

France saw more of its citizens join ISIS in Syria than any other European country and has been especially wary about having them back.

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