KRG and Baghdad yet to reach agreement on oil and gas bill

2/20/2023 10:08:29 AM
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation has not yet reached a basic agreement on the draft bill related to oil and gas issues in talks with the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

According to information obtained by KurdsatNews, in the meetings with Iraqi officials in Baghdad, the KRG has put forward several proposals, but the proposals do not meet the wishes of the Iraqi Oil Ministry, so they decided to establish a joint committee to investigate this issue.

The Iraqi government is ready to bear all the expenses of the KRG including the allocations needed to pay salaries, but the process of selling and exporting KRG’s oil must be in the hands of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

“A joint committee was created between Erbil and Baghdad on Sunday to design oil and gas draft. The Kurdistan Region Government delegation today discussed the issue with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil,” the KRG said in a statement on Sunday.

A KRG delegation visited Baghdad on Sunday February 19 amid ongoing issues between the two sides regarding oil and financial entitlements of the Kurdistan region.


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