Kurds celebrate Newroz

3/20/2023 1:33:42 PM
Today, tens of thousands will celebrate Newroz, the Kurdish new year, in the Kurdistan region.

Men and women in Sulaimani and the town of Akre welcome their new year lighting torches and fires, climbing up a mountain where large Kurdish flags had been put on display under colorful explosions of fireworks.

Millions of Kurdish people celebrate Newroz on March 21, on the first day of spring. It symbolizes the passing of the dark season, and the arrival of the season of light.

The festivity is celebrated by Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria.

For many Kurds, this year's Newroz is saddened by the news coming from Rojava, Bakur and Rojhelat, where a 7.8 magnitude quake killed tens of thousands of people.

The festival has political importance as it symbolizes the Kurdish culture, and the struggle of the Kurds to have their own autonomous nation.

More than 20 million Kurds live in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey.

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