Democracy with a stick

5/30/2023 5:46:05 PM
 First Lady of Iraq Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad.
 photo: KurdSat English
Opinion by the first lady of Iraq Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad

Democracy is an ancient Greek word which simply means the rule or the power of the people.

Elections and casting ballots are fundamental principles of democracy, because in this process citizens determine their fate freely and equally. But the so-called democracy in our country has confused not only us, but also the linguistic and cultural experts of ancient and modern Greece!

It is true that there are several types of democracy, but our type is so strange and special that could be best summed up in a Kurdish proverb: it does not exist even in perfume bottles of perfumers, literally it means it is a needle in a haystack. That's why it hasn't been included in the list of other types of democracy..!

Our democracy is with whips, knives, and arm twisting!

I don't know why all the diplomatic and political arbitrators who encourage us to hold elections as soon as possible overlook the obstacles, injustice and unfavorable situation? Why, while they consider themselves the fathers of democracy, do they not see and hear that the reactivation of our expired electoral commission is illegal?

The electoral law amendment bill has been dusted in one of the corners of our parliament building and our voter registration is not relevant to this era and the population of our provinces. Moreover, our minority representatives are still demanding a solution to their problems...!!

Also, how would one explain the one million voters difference the Baghdad registered voters register and Kurdistan region registered voters?

According to experts, the increased number of voters are in Erbil and Duhok, while more than 60,000 votes have been reduced in Sulaimani!!

Isn't this in itself extremely unfair? If each seat in the Kurdistan Parliament is 35,000 votes, doesn't the increase of 561,000 votes mean securing 16 seats in Duhok and Erbil??

Isn't this in itself extremely unfair and undemocratic?? Strangely enough, everyone talks about consolidating democracy, respecting human rights and freedom of expression.

Everyone claims to work for free and fair elections. There is no party, movement, association, organization, coalition or personality that does not call for protecting the interests of the nation, people, citizens and citizens.

Unfortunately, very few people commit to their words and this is what undermines any process of progress in a land where its people are passionate and thirsty for true democracy...!!

Finally, if all the pressure is just to say thank God we follow democracy, then Sir, this is nothing but hiding under the veil of democracy and dozens of other elections will be held as long as the alphabet of democracy are not followed, we cannot be proud of our votes, equality and freedom.

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