Iraqi leader welcomes al-Sadr’s return to politics

7/19/2023 1:33:36 AM
Dawa party is not against Sadr’s return to politics.

Nuri al-Maliki, the leader of the rule of law coalition, said in a televised interview about the relationship between the Da'wah party and the Sadr movement, and said that no political party or leader is against his return to politics.

Instead, the party has extended a hand of reconciliation to normalize relations, but his party and all other political parties are not against Sadr's return to politics, Al-Maliki noted.

Maliki also said that the issue belongs to the Sunni parties and must be resolved among themselves by a majority vote, and the Shiites support their final decision.

Regarding the appreciation of the dollar, al-Maliki said the Iraqi dinar began to depreciate against the dollar during the government of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and as long as US sanctions on Iran remain, the dollar will not see stability in Iraq.

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