Iraq to provide five thousand scholarships for Iraqi students to study overseas

8/21/2023 12:36:58 AM
Iraq's decision to send 5,000 people abroad will also include the Kurdistan region, and the number of students from each province will be based on their population.

Director General of Envoys and Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan region, Yasin Salih said they welcome the Iraqi prime minister's initiative to send 5,000 people to study abroad at the expense of the Iraqi government.

He said that last week, a delegation of higher education, with the relevant parties and advisors to the Iraqi prime minister and the head of the program to study abroad, met and learnt that 5,000 seats will be distributed among the Iraqi provinces and the Kurdistan Region according to the population.

The official also said that anyone can apply to the scholarships and the deadline is September 15th.

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