President of Iraq restores artefacts from UK century later

5/10/2023 6:28:43 AM
 President of Iraq Dr. Latif Rashid announcing the restoration of 6,000 artefacts from the UK in a press conference in Baghdad.
 photo: KurdSat English
It is the second largest restoration of Iraqi artefacts in history.

Today, Iraqi President Dr. Latif Rashid announced the return of 6,000 artifacts from the UK to Iraq in Baghdad, in a televised press conference.

The Iraqi president said the return of the artifacts was the result of joint efforts of the office of the presidency, the Ministries of Culture, Tourism, Archeology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will continue their efforts to return other archaeological remains abroad.

The president thanked Britain for keeping its promises and handing over the artifacts safely after 100 years. He also added the artefacts were held in the UK for scientific purposes and British researchers have used them to understand the history of Iraq.

I am hopeful that we would put the artefacts into good use in all fields, the president concluded his remarks.

Iraq is home to thousands of archeological sites and many of it are still unearthed. As one of the cradles of civilization Iraq is one of the most important places to understand the inception of civilization, according to historians.


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