Iraqi PM meets with PMF commanders

6/11/2023 11:23:55 PM
 Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammed Al-Sudani with PMF commanders in Baghad, Iraq.
 photo: KurdSat
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Sudani has met with Popular Mobilization Commanders (PMF) in Baghdad.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani visited the PMF headquarters in Baghdad and met with its top commanders. Al-Sudani congratulated the force on its seventh founding anniversary and praised its achievements in the fight against terrorism.

He said the decree of the Supreme Marja’ of Ali Sistani thwarted the plot of the enemies, the decree reversed the status quo and resulted in the establishment of a national force that, along with other security forces, was able to thwart terrorist plots and contribute to the victory over the terrorist group ISIL.

The prime minister also stressed that the PMF is one of the main pillars of the security and military institutions and the government is in the process of approving a military pension bill that guarantees the rights of all security forces employees, including the PMF.

There is real opportunity for the success of the state and investment in a state of stability to review and provide the best services to citizens, the PM added.

Al explained that the government has identified all the details of the problems and has set a three-year roadmap that will make a difference in its tasks.

The PMF emerged as a popular force to counter the growing threat of ISIS, following a decree from Iraq’s supreme religious Shia authority Ali Sistani who called on the Iraqis to take up arms and stop the advance of the ISIS terrorists.

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