Proposals to resume KRG oil export sent to oil minister

6/19/2023 1:55:32 AM
 photo: KurdSat
The Oil and Gas Committee of the House of Representatives has submitted two new proposals to the Oil Minister to resume the export of oil of the Kurdistan region as it has been stalled for the past months.

Ali Mashkur, a member of the Iraqi parliament's oil and gas committee, told the official Sabah newspaper that Oil and Gas Committee has proposed two new ways to export Kurdistan oil to the Iraqi Oil Minister, and these include exporting the oil through State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) through the south, with exports through the Iraq-Banyas pipeline through Syria.

He added that Iraq will take all diplomatic measures to resume the process of exporting Kurdistan oil through the Turkish port.  Because the stagnation of the process will cost Iraq millions of dollars every day.

If Turkey continues to delay the resumption of Kurdistan's oil exports, Iraq will use southern routes to export the region’s oil.

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