Iraqi Airways to purchase 10 cruise Boeing 787 Dreamliner

6/23/2023 1:51:18 AM
 Iraqi Airway airbus.
Iraqi Airways announces details of purchase of 26 aircraft from Boeing Company.

Iraqi Airways Director General Manaf Abdulman'am said that one of the Iraqi Airways' development projects is the government's contract with Boeing to buy 26 modern aircraft, 10 of which are dream aircraft.

He added that the planes will arrive in Iraq within five years and new routes will be opened to travel much of the world.

One of their plans is is the opening of Muscat, Jakarta, Malaysia and China travel routes.

On the recommendation of the prime minister, the price of travel tickets for Iraqi citizens, especially for pensioners, patients and wounded Hashdi Shaabi are reduced, and further reductions will be after the opening of new lines, director general of Iraqi Airways noted.


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