Legal measures will be taken against those attacking Quran, Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council says

6/30/2023 7:22:55 AM
The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council has ordered the extradition of an Iraqi refugee in Sweden who burned the Holy Quran in Sweden.

The chairman of Supreme Judicial Council Fayeq Zeidan said in a statement that legal action will be taken against the person who burned the Qoran in Sweden under Article 14 of the Iraqi Penal Code.

According to the statement, Fayeq Zedan instructed the prosecutor general to take legal measures in coordination with the Karkh First Investigation Court.

The Iraqi The Iraqi refugee who burned the Holy Quran in Sweden should be extradited to Iraq and tried according to the law.

On the first day of Eid al-Adha, an Iraqi refugee named Salwan Momika burn a copy of Quran in front of the Great Mosque in Stockholm, Sweden that sparked widespread Muslim protests.

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