Ruling parties reaffirm their opposition to burning Quran

7/3/2023 8:37:05 AM
The Coordination Framework gathered in Baghdad to discuss the current issues.

The Shiite Coordination Framework held its regular meeting at the home of Supreme Islamic Council Speaker Humam Hamudi in the presence of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Sudani and discussed several issues, including the burning of the Holy Qur'an by an extremist in Sweden.

According to a statement issued by the Coordination Framework, the meeting began with the Prime Minister's speech on the latest political developments.

The PM reiterated his opposition to the attack on the Holy Quran and praised the efforts of the government and the Ministry of Electricity to improve the electricity situation throughout the country, per the statement.

The coordination framework also expressed it support for the government in implementing the budget law and accelerating the service of citizens.

The framework also stressed Iraq's independence in dealing with its fiscal policies in the interest of Iraq.

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