Sulaimani’s Shar Hospital admitted over 164K patients in six months

7/18/2023 1:39:43 AM
 Shar Hospital in Sulaimani, Kurdistan region.
 photo: KurdSat
Sulaimani has a good health care system.

According to numbers released by the Sulaimani Health Department, during the past six months of 2023, 164 thousand 204 patients have been admitted to Sulaimani’s Shar Hospital, the city’s largest hospital.

124,792 of the patients were admitted through the emergency department of the hospital, while 6,623 patients received care in the artificial kidney department, the department said.

The statement also said that over 5 thousand people underwent surgery in the hospital.

535 patients were admitted to the respiratory department and 1,785 to the cerebrovascular department.

Sulaimani is known for its good public health care services and ranks the first province in Iraq for having the best health care system in the country.

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