Iraq looking for new routes to export oil

7/18/2023 2:07:04 AM
 photo: KurdSat
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said in a statement that Iraq is looking for new routes to export oil.

He predicted that Iraq would hold talks with Syria to revive the Iraqi oil pipeline, the port of Banias, which leads back to the Mediterranean Sea, the PM noted.

He said that as the security situation in Syria improves, work will be done to export oil through the Syrian port, which will allow them to deliver oil to their customers quicker.

"Syria has a very large and well-known port on the Mediterranean Sea, so if Syria agrees to participate in the development roadmap through the Iraq-Syria-Turkey triangle," Al-Sudani said.

Prime Minister of Iraq Al-Sudani visited Syria and met with President of Syria as the first Iraqi prime minister to visit Syria since 2011.

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