Does the mask protect against corona if no one wears it?.. here is the answer

4/20/2022 3:35:03 PM
 Man wearing mask to avoid Coronavirus.
With the decrease in infections and deaths caused by the emerging Coronavirus, some countries have tended to abolish the mandatory wearing of masks or to be flexible in their application, which raises a question about the effectiveness of a person's wearing of the mask indoors, among others who do not wear it.

Indeed, masks work best when everyone around you wears them because when an infected person wears them, a large proportion of the infectious particles they exhale are trapped, which stops the virus from the source. And when fewer viral particles come out around the room, the masks other people wear are more likely to block those particles.

Evidence confirms

But there is strong evidence showing that masks protect the wearer, even when others around them are not wearing them, so the amount of protection depends on the quality and suitability of the mask, according to a report published by the "New York Times".

Health experts recommend using N95, KN95 or KF94 to protect yourself from omicron, which is now the dominant version of the Coronavirus and is much more contagious than previous strains.

Other variables, such as the amount of time we interact with an infected person and how well the place is ventilated, will also affect the risk of contracting the virus.

For example, in most aircraft, cabin air is frequently purified through High-Efficiency Filters (HEPA), which are very good at reducing the transmission of viruses.

But this does not completely eliminate the risk. In a study published in December 2021, researchers found that passengers sitting in the same row with a person infected with Covid 19 were still at risk of infection while wearing a mask reduced infection by 54%.

For his part, Linsey Marr of Virginia, a virus expert, said, "I know everyone is talking about planes, but I would say that buses are probably the most dangerous, then trains and then planes, in order from top to bottom."

Realistic data showed that masks reduce infection. A 2020 investigation into an epidemic in a hotel in Switzerland found that many employees and guests who tested positive for the Coronavirus were wearing only face shields (no masks); those who wore masks were not infected.

Less hospital admission

A study in Tennessee also found that communities that mandated masks had lower hospitalization rates than areas where masks were not required.

Also, a number of laboratory studies documented that a mask protects its wearers, although the level of that protection can vary depending on the type and composition of the mask.

Sum of all studies conclude that the mask reduces the possibility of infection with the Coronavirus.

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