Corona cases and deaths decrease by 25% decrease around the world, WHO

4/21/2022 5:39:58 PM
 Corona virus visualized.
More than 502 million cases of the virus and nearly 6.2 million deaths have been reported since its appearance in late 2019.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization announced that the number of new Covid infections worldwide decreased by about 25% in continuation of the decline since the end of March.

In a weekly report, the Geneva-based United Nations health agency added that about 5.59 million infection cases were reported between April 11 and 17, 24% less than the previous week. The number of reports of deaths also decreased by 21% to 18,215.

WHO also stated that new infections decreased worldwide, although it was only 2% in the Americas.

"These trends should be interpreted with caution as many countries are gradually changing their COVID-19 testing strategies, resulting in a lower total number of tests performed and thus a lower number of cases being detected and reported," the agency said.

The countries that recorded the highest number of case reports last week were South Korea with more than 972,000, France with more than 827,000, and Germany with more than 769,000, the agency declared.

The United States recorded the highest number of new deaths, with 3,076, Russia with 1,784, and South Korea with 1,671.

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