Digital finance paves the way for future developments

6/19/2022 5:05:21 PM
As well as economic growth, the platform economy, as an economic activity that leverages digital technologies, has had a positive impact on the financial sector. In facing the financial system, platforms and digital technologies have solved many of the challenges, especially in inclusive finance.

China has seen momentum in developing mobile payments, online investment, big tech credit and digital currency, which all play a vital role in driving inclusive finance. These areas are expected to play a critical role in the country's future economic growth.

To begin with, the platform economy has a great impact on the financial sector, which can be narrowed down to "three increases and three decreases".

The "Three increases" means that the platform economy has helped "increase business scale, improve efficiency as well as user experience". since the platform can offer services to many customers simultaneously, costs are minimized therefore overall efficiency will naturally be enhanced.

Digital platforms also offer personalized services. With technological advances, these services will be much smoother, more convenient to use and more popular among consumers.

The "Three decreases" refers to "reducing costs, lowering risks and minimizing contact". In terms of risk control in particular, user data accumulated by the platform will be very helpful to identify risks in advance.

Based on the above changes, digital platforms will also have a certain effect on the rules and even laws of economic activity and exchanges. It will make users more reliant on the platform itself, but the platform will also be closely related to the economy.

currently, the China's platform companies have developed quite well and are comparable to leading foreign internet heavyweights, thanks mainly to improvements in digital technology, market-oriented reforms, the large population and relatively independent market conditions.

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