Kurds are purged from Kirkuk departments and replaced by Arabs and Turkmen

7/6/2022 4:21:26 PM
 Kirkuk old citadel.
 photo: KurdSat English
Kirkuk has been going through Arabization for the last four years at many levels. Including stripping Kurds of their lands in Kirkuk suburbs and governmental departments, and the most recent Kirkuk governorate Department of Justice was purged from Kurds.

The department of Justice in Kirkuk had a Kurdish president and deputy replaced by Arabs and Turkmen. The department's four sections previously headed by Kurds were removed alongside other posts occupied by Kurdish officials.

According to election results over the past 19 years, Kurds make up 51% of Kirkuk's population but come after Arabs and Turkmens in holding governmental positions and dealing with them as a minority.

PUK's bloc in the Iraqi council of representatives has informed the Parliament of all the violations against the Kurds. The PUK fraction in the Parliament has asked Baghdad for a fair distribution of positions in the city, and the distribution shall be based on voter turnout.

The acting governor of Kirkuk is trying to change the city's demographics under the pretext of verifying the residence cards of its residents.

According to figures, 98 senior positions of directors and heads of Kirkuk governorate departments occupied by Kurds were removed and replaced by Arabs and Turkmens.

There are 108 general directors and heads of departments in Kirkuk. Of the 108 positions, 31 are occupied by Kurds, 37 by Arabs, and 40 by Turkmen.

According to the 1957 Kirkuk census, Kurds made up 48 percent of the population in the city, followed by Arabs at 28 percent and Turkmen at 21 percent. That has been preserved to date, with Kurds coming first, followed by Arabs and Turkmen.

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