How to control high blood pressure without medical procedures?

4/4/2022 4:33:46 PM
 Patient with high blood pressure
Many face high blood pressure issues but how do we control it naturally?

Roman Gorenkov, a Russian expert and specialist in family medicine sciences, said: “High blood pressure may be caused by stress or inactive lifestyle. Spending a lot of time in front of tv or computer screens can lead high blood pressure, as well as stress and stress which contributes to same problems.”

“When noting that there is a problem with high blood pressure, especially in cases of sharp jumps in pressure, you should consult your doctor to determine the cause and put in place the appropriate treatment, but in addition to medications there are other ways to fight this problem, switching to a low-calorie diet, for example, will lead to low weight and thus low blood pressure, and getting rid of 5 pounds of excess blood pressure by 10 millimeters of mercury,” he said.

“Regular physical activity or exercise also helps reducing high blood pressure, but at the same time stress should be avoided, and walking can sometimes be useful in fighting this problem rather than taking medications,” the doctor said, explaining that anyone who accepts any treatment for the problem should see a specialist.

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