Cholera outbreak spreads in Iran’s Sanandaj

10/15/2022 4:43:31 PM
 Hospital room in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
 photo: KurdSat English
The number of cholera cases in Rojhelat’s Sanandaj province has risen to over 50.

The number of cholera cases in the province has reached 54, the Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences reported.

While announcing this news, Dr. Bahram Kandaei said: Following increased intestinal diseases and diarrhea symptoms, four more confirmed cases of cholera were identified, and the total number of people suffering from this disease in Kurdistan, the official name of Sanandaj, has reached 54.

Kandaei pointed out that contaminated food and water are the leading cause of Vibrio cholera bacteria. Sanandaj University of Medical Sciences director of public relations, said, “to control and effectively deal with this disease, our dear fellow provinces should follow the relevant health guidelines.”

Cholera outbreaks hit Rojhelat from year to year; 5 cases were registered in the last outbreak in 2021. 

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