President Rashid praises Iraqi armed forces in fighting terrorism on army day

1/6/2023 12:05:30 AM
 President of Iraq Dr. Latif Rashid
 photo: KurdSat English
On the 102nd founding anniversary of the Iraqi army, president of Iraq Dr. Latif Rashid praised the Peshmerga forces and his country’s armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

The president congratulated the commanders and soldiers of the Iraqi armed forces on the army founding anniversary over a century ago, and said they contributed to the creation of an epic heroism and a great victory over terrorism.

He added that the sacrifices of the army and all armed forces, including the federal police, anti-terrorism units, the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Peshmerga, “were the torches that led the way, preserved national glory and made Iraqis proud."

The President reiterated his commitment to consolidate professional military values in the service of the country.

The British Empire created the modern Iraqi army in 1921 and was known as the Royal Iraqi Army until 1958 Revolution when Iraq became a republic.


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