Iraqi President to attend Davos Economic Forum

1/16/2023 8:52:07 PM
 President of Iraq Dr. Latif Rashid.
 photo: KurdSat English
The President will accurately picture Iraq's security and economic situation.

Iraqi President Latif Rashid has arrived in Switzerland to attend the Davos Economic Forum, where he is scheduled to discuss several issues related to Iraq's economic and security situation with world leaders and financial institutions.

With the participation of more than 2,500 leaders, representatives of countries, investors and international personalities, the 53rd World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, will kick off tonight and continue until the 20th of this month.

President Rashid will meet with a number of world leaders and heads of the World Economic Forum to discuss several issues and convey an accurate picture of Iraq's security and economic stability.

Iraq is a favorable environment for attracting investment that will help Iraq develop economic infrastructure and provide services to meet the needs of its citizens.

The main topics of this year's conference will be the food and energy crisis, inflation, slow economic and industrial growth, the role of the private sector, social problems and geopolitical risks as the war in Ukraine looms.

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