First Lady reiterates her support for press freedom

1/27/2023 5:03:32 PM
 First Lady of Iraq Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad.
 photo: KurdSat English
The first lady of Iraq Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad in a meeting with journalists said that facts, impartiality, and honesty are crucial to journalism and the press.

The First Lady of Iraq met with several editors, directors, and journalists from the party affiliated media outlets and other press agencies in Sulaimani to discuss press freedom and professional journalism, and any challenges that they face. They emphasized that everyone must respect freedom and the principles of journalism.

She emphasized the critical role played by journalists in conveying accurate and truthful information, saying that "journalists and channels should be honest in disseminating information and news and rely on the truth and credible sources."

"Since political issues and conflicts will eventually come to an end, but the cost of mistakes will still be paid by the media, it is crucial for the professional media to stay impartial and avoid getting involved in political disputes," she added.

"Unknown sources of news are negative and destructive to trust and honesty and the value of media work cannot be ignored as an effective profession and an important field that requires accountability," said Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad after citing some examples of mistakes, bias, and a lack of sources.

The first lady of Iraq reaffirmed her unconditional support for the press's unlimited access to a variety of information sources and said: "We welcome any legal bill that enhances the freedom of work for journalists in the Kurdistan Region and provides them with the information." She suggested that rather than spreading falsehood and allegations, the websites and pages should serve as a source of fact and factual information.

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