Turkey is working to create a state for the Turkmens in northern Syria, Rojava leader says

8/13/2023 6:49:08 PM
Turkey relocates Kurds with Turkmens and Arabs and has begun an extensive demographic change. ​

People's Defense Units (PYD) co-chairperson Muslim Salih told reports with Rojava media that Turkey has opened dozens of military bases and built residential communities in North Eastern Syria.

Turkey is currently working on a map for the Turkmen and wants to create a state for them in northern and eastern Syria, so it has opened several training bases to arm people in these areas, Salih noted.

The Syrian government cannot and will not work to remove Turkish troops from its territory because it is influenced by the policies of countries such as Russia and Iran, which have interests with Turkey and do not want for Ankara to withdraw its forces from Syria, PYD co-chairperson explained.

Therefore, the issue is complex and can only be achieved through internal unity and continuous struggle, Muslim warned.

Muslim also noted that the Syrian president's statement that Turkey's withdrawal is a condition for any meeting with Erdogan is unrealistic and he believes that Damascus does not have the strength to oblige the Turkish army to withdraw alone.

Since 2015 Turkey has begun expelling Kurds in north eastern Syria who are natives to the area and has replaced them with Turkmens and Arabs.

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