Iran to use Iraqi Dinar instead of dollar with Iraq

7/10/2023 2:08:18 AM
The two countries have an annual trade of over than $10 billion.

All countries in the world want to end the dominance of the US dollar, Yahya al-Ishaq, president of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce said in a statement.

The Iranian government plans to do all trade with Iraq in Iraqi dinars. "If trade is in the national currencies of the two countries, trade relations will develop further," al-Ishaq said.

The arrival of millions of tourists to both countries will help spend the money that comes to the treasuries of Baghdad and Tehran, al-Ishaq added.

The head of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce believes that the move will save the two countries from US pressure and increase the level of trade, which currently stands over $10 billion. 

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