Turkey bombed Rojava over 30 times in six months

6/24/2023 2:34:00 AM
 Bombing of Rojava.
The bombings have killed 44 people.

More than 70 people have been killed and injured in the past six months in Rojava due to the continuous bombings of the Turkish army.

According to KurdSat reporter in Rojava, in the past six months, the Turkish army has bombed areas of Rojava over 30 times, killing 44 people and wounding 27 others.

According to the reports, the Turkish army bombed Aleppo 13 times, al-Hasakah four times, Raqqa once and Qamishli six times.

It also bombed Kobanê four times, Manbij four times and the cities of Derik and Ain Issa.

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