You cannot hang even my jacket, Demirtas tells Erdogan and his supporters after calling for his execution

5/30/2023 6:15:51 PM
 photo: KurdSat English
In a rally in Ankara Erdogan promised to keep the Kurdish leader in prison as long as he is in power.

Demirtas responded to Erdogan and his supporters' demands for the death penalty from Edirne prison, saying they could not hang not only him but also his jacket.

Former HDP co-chairman Salahaddin Demirtas sent a tweet to Erdogan and his supporters. The old king continues his slander, threats and insults from the balcony of his expensive palace, drunk on a false victory, a group of cajolers hungry for lies standing in front of him shouting together and demanding his execution.

This demand was not made in old France, but in Ankara in 2023, but let them know that you cannot hang me, you cannot even hang my jacket, he said.

I am is the descendant of the great Kurdish commander Saladin, the liberator of Jerusalem, and I promise to treat you all fairly one day, Demirtas tweeted.

On the night of May 28, Erdogan delivered a victory speech in front of tens of thousands of supporters in front of the presidential palace in Ankara, saying Demirtas would never be released under his rule.


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