HDP incumbent co-chairpersons will not run in the next congress

6/5/2023 4:07:06 AM
 HDP headquaters in Diyarbakir in Bakur.
Their decision comes after their failure in the recent Turkish presidential elections.

People's Democratic Party (HDP) co-chairs Parvin Buldan and Medhat Sancar in a televised interview said, they failed to win enough votes in last month's parliamentary and presidential elections, and would leave their positions after the party’s congress that is to be held soon.

Therefore, taking into account the recent developments and changes, it has been decided to hold the congress in the coming months, the chairpersons announced. Because their goals were not achieved in the elections and as co-chairmen, their party is ready to hold them accountable for the election results, they added.

They said they have decided to resign as co-chairmen of the HDP and not run for any post in the next congress. They said they visited Demirtas, Figen Yüksekdağ and Gültan Kışanak and discussed all possibilities, developments and shortcomings.

Although, the party allied with Turkish opposition, they said that they did not relied on other parties during the election campaign.

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