Thousands of Kurds to gather in place where the treaty that divided Kurds was signed a century ago

7/22/2023 1:39:58 AM
 Map of Greater Kurdistan divided over four countries.
 photo: KurdSat
July 24 marks the hundred anniversaries of the Lausanne Treaty.

President of the Kurdistan Genocide Writers Union Salar Mahmoud told KurdSat that to reject the 100-year oppression of the Kurds and Kurdistan in general 100,000 Kurds and Kurd sympathizer are expected to gather in front of the hall where the treaty was signed on July 24, 1923.

There are obstacles to the national issue, but Kurds and foreign friends and representatives of Kurdish political and civil organizations from all over the world have left for this important turning point and participation in the Centennial Conference of Lausanne, which starts tomorrow and will continue in the following days, Mahmoud added.

Greater Kurdistan was united under the Ottoman Empire but was later divided among Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran after Lausanne Treaty in 1923 that made Kurds a minority in all of these states.

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