Leaders, figures congratulate KurdSat on its founding anniversary

1/1/2023 1:39:28 PM
 KurdSat Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)
 photo: KurdSat English
KurdSat BroadCasting Corporation (KBC) is number one family-oriented channel in the Kurdistan region and Iraq.

Kurdish and Iraqi leaders congratulated the KBC on its 23rd founding anniversary and wished its continued service to the people as it worked as a distinguished and reliable media.

President of Iraq Dr. Latif Rashid said, “Dear Supervisors, Directors and journalists of Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the founding of KurdSat, I warmly congratulate you. We all know that KurdSat has been one of the most honest and reliable media in the Kurdistan region. I hope this year as in previous years better and better in the service of promoting the culture of our people.

PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani wished the KBC success saying, “congratulations to the directors, journalists and employees of Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation and I wish you continuity and success.

Praising KBC’s distinguished role in preserving the ethical and moral values of the Kurdistan region, President Talabani said, “in the past two decades, Kurdsat has been a valued media channel in the Kurdistan region households and a beautiful and shining example in the Kurdish media.”

Kurdish renowned female actress Bayan Bomba said, “the KBC is the only media channel that has brought all actors together.” The KBC has produced and distributed tens of family-friendly movies and series that aim to preserve the Kurdish culture.

Kurdish tenor and world-renowned singer Shahram Nazeri congratulated the KBC staff on its founding anniversary. “KurdSat has an important role in introducing the history, culture and art of the Kurdish people and promoting them, Kurdsat is a sacred memory of Hero Khan for all of us,” Nazer said. During the past two decades the KBC has introduced thousands of Kurdish artists, singers, authors, musicians and figures that promote the Kurdish culture, creating an invaluable archive of Kurdish cultural content.

Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is a satellite television station and digital media in Sulaimani in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It currently airs in Kurdish and has a digital media in English. Former Iraqi First Lady Hero Ibrahim Ahmed founded the KBC in January 1, 2000, and the KBC began broadcasting on January on 2000. The KBC was the first press organization to focus on introducing the Kurdistan region and its people to the world through the media as it has always promoted Kurdish culture and history.

Currently the KBC has an image of reliability that never runs fake news. News consumers would first check KurdSat for a piece of news's reliability, as the KBC eschews propaganda and fake news. 

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